Feature availability

Don't forget that you can influence which features are implemented first! Just fote for existing ideas or add a new one here.

At your service
This feature is available now
Pretty soon
Second half of 2014

Somewhat soon
If you need this feature badly, leave a request for it
Language support
Other (non-code) files: HTML, Javascript etc
Editor features
Ace editor
Multitab editing
Syntax check
Smartphone and tablet ready
Project management
Adding a class
Adding a project
Editing project properties
Adding file references
Adding GAC references
Adding NuGet references
Creating a solution
Compiling the solution
Compiling a project
Running the output as a console program
Debugging your code
Load existing code
From a zipped project
From a Git repository
From Dropbox
From a Subversion repository
From a Mercurial repository
From GDrive
From TFS
Other features
Interactive code window
Unit testing
Real time collaboration